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Nadia Wolnisty - A Zoo: Book Launch

Join us for a spectacular night of poetry! Nadia Wolnisty will be reading from her newest book “A Zoo”. 

About the Book

Benjamin Franklin is famously quoted as saying, “beer is proof god loves us”.
While “Zoo Animals” may not be proof that Nadia Wolnisty loves us it is proof that she hasn’t completely abandoned humanity yet and for that, and these poems, readers will come to love her. Every time I hear Nadia Wolnisty read a poem, out loud or in my head, it makes me question my sanity in the best of ways. She is the real-deal’s real-deal. Finally, a zoo of sentient beings that wanted and needed to be curated and alphabetized. Read it.
–Paul Koniecki author of “After Working Hours” NightBallet Press 2017

“Nadia Wolnisty is the most gifted writer of her kind that you’re likely to discover in a lifetime. Don’t miss out on witnessing her magic.”
–James Barrett Rodehaver, Author of “Strangely Wonderful” and “Time Travel for Daydreamers“

“Zoo Animals” is another burning example of Nadia Wolnisty‘s skill in finding beauty in the most barren places. Nadia honors the pull of the past traumas, and rather than attempting escape, finds a place for the forsaken. In Nadia’s world, the axolotl in all her awkwardness and anxiety finally gets her due. “Zoo Animals” reveals the terrifying side of pumice and explains how depression and whale vomit similarly hold the sweetness together. As always, Nadia brings us on a journey between the imaginary and tactile through subtle epiphanies that build into greater god moments.
–Reverie Powell

About the Author

Nadia Wolnisty is a poet, artist, and performer in Dallas, TX. Her poems, short stories, and essays have appeared in MadSwirl.Com, Apogee, Spry, Haggard and Halloo, Essay Daily, White Rock Zine Machine, and the Art Uprising Anthology “Desolate Country,” among others. Her debut chapbook “Manual” was published in 2017 by Cringe-Worthy Poets, who also published her line illustrations for James Barrett Rodehaver’s chapbook “Time Traveler For Daydreamers Vol. 1 and 2.