Let us show you how glorious life can be outside of big names and bestseller lists! Don’t let our size deceive you—the stories we carry are large. We contain multitudes.

Our home is a place where tongues of men freed after war turned Elm into Ellum. Insert vellum: fine-grained lambskin smoothed for writing and for binding books. Deep Vellum Books honors the history of our neighborhood by carrying titles that speak to its bones, nurturing a #LiteraryDallas that pays homage to the marginalized voices often left out of mainstream conversations.  

Authors on our shelves are from across town and from across the world, and speak from a vast array of experiences. We shine a light on small and independent publishers and on writers of color, from the LGBTQIA community, and from feminist perspectives. Find an ethnography on sex in Egypt beside a collection of photography documenting the undocumented. Learn about the architecture of a protest or how to boil an egg. We have poetry and plays, zines and drinks.

We believe being part of a community means more than selling tangible goods. Come to us for experiences that can’t be purchased. Check out our event calendar for great reasons to leave the house—we have multiple poetry readings and literary events each month, and have been known to also host art shows, cast spells, discuss civil rights over cereal and cartoons, and throw postcard-making parties to #resist. We thrive in the space where art meets activism, and we strive to build a literary tradition that exists outside the lines.