We are an independent bookseller in Dallas located in the heart of Deep Ellum.

We feature independent publishers worldwide alongside locally-cultivated arts, music, and culture.

We nurture our cultural community from the best & brightest to the up & coming.

Our mission: to amplify the voices of the local to global communities we serve through writing, art, music, film, performance, and culture.


It's a bold idea: a bookstore in the year 2016. Will Evans, Founder of Deep Vellum Publishing, opened a bookstore with the help of the community around him. Our landlord, Madison Partners, got the vision - an independent voice nestled in a community full of history and culture. Our friends, too many to name, dutifully supported this bold idea by purchasing actual printed books on occasion - at least when they weren't planning underground performance events and launch parties. 

Welcome to our journey.


We're located in the historic heart of Deep Ellum, our roots grounded in growth, tenacity, and expression. The Club Clearview sign perched in our store window is a throwback to the legendary nightclub that rocked Deep Ellum in the 80s and 90s. The Deep Ellum Film Festival, which evolved into what's now the Dallas International Film Festival, was born out of our building during the creative explosion of the 80s.  Old timers might know our storefront as home to legendary blues and jazz artist Leadbelly, his music drifting through the alleyway at sunset between shifts at the Model T Factory that's now the rocking music venue The Bomb Factory. The books lining our shelves, the voices of our community coming together through literature, writing, reading between these old brick walls, this is the birth of a new cultural chapter in Deep Ellum's rich history.

This is the beating heart of Literary Dallas. Where ideas are considered and discussed. Where the best & brightest mingle with the up & coming. Where we are all one community, one voice. Where Dallas unites in the vision to create a stronger, more vibrant culture.