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The Tribe: Enfranchised Youth, a play by Brigham Mosley

The Tribe and Deep Vellum invite you to attend a workshop showing of a new play by Brigham Mosley, directed by Dylan Key, ENFRANCHISED YOUTH. 

Brigham Mosley’s ENFRANCHISED YOUTH is a music and dance infused drama of Squirrel, Pixie, Troutback, Lyle, and Tony all struggling to find love, comfort, and a steady job while simultaneously wishing to throw rocks through the bourgeois glass house of privilege they thrive in. A modern-day RENT with a dash of David Bowie, WHITE CHRISTMAS, and Facebook Live  for the age of Trump and Sanders, ENFRANCHISED YOUTH explores the Millennial conflict between the presumed social call of "radical young artists" vs the comfort of capitalistic middle-class values. The show places a critical eye on identity politics - especially Queer identity politics - and the vocations of artists within the ever-shifting Creative Economy. Join us at Deep Vellum on August 26th at 8:00p for this work-in-progress showing. Seating is free but extremely limited so email to save a spot.