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For the Love of Words

We hope you will join us as we make new friends, discuss current writing projects, favorite books read, and discover collaborative opportunities. Join us on Wednesday, July 17th to hear from Greg Brownderville. RSVP Here

At For the Love of Words writers of all genres gather for the sake of community, discussion, and growth. Every writer hangs words in their just position to give space to the world seen within. Only the right words will do and serve that world well. This gathering is exclusively for writers and those who love words.

The first part of the evening is spent in groups of 5-7 getting to know other local writers and discussing current writing projects, favorite books, and discover collaborative opportunities. Following group conversation, we will host an interview with a local author, publisher, or another writing expert around topics which pertain to the struggles, triumphs, and technical skills required for writers. Following the interview, the room will open up to seeing and meeting old and new friends and further conversation.