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And We All Breathe the Same Air - Poetry Book Launch

This new book delves into the world of poetry, uncovering some of the best poets to be found on social media. Augie’s Bookshelf undertook a mission that no other publishing company had ever carried out, and with the release of their new book, the company is helping bring emerging poets even further into the spotlight. 

Celebrate the book's official launch with us on March 31st! 

The team at Augie’s Bookshelf spent months researching Instagram to find the best poets to be found. Over the course of their search, Augie’s Bookshelf read thousands of poems from poets around the world, and out of thousands of pieces of work read, 55 of the best were chosen to be highlighted in ‘And We All Breathe the Same Air: A Poetry Anthology’. 

These emerging poets haven’t had the kind of exposure they deserve as part of the inclusion in the new book. By being included in ‘And We All Breathe the Same Air’, poets will get more marketing and promotion, as well as visibility through the book’s distribution. 

“We believe that there are so many amazing writers out there that should have the chance to be published,” said Molly Wolchansky, the founder at Augie’s Bookshelf. “That’s why we are publishing this book.”

About Augie’s Bookshelf

Augie’s Bookshelf is a champion for independent authors. Each year, the publishing company holds unsolicited manuscript submissions in categories including historical fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, thriller, action/adventure, and young adult fiction. Submissions can be forwarded to 

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Augie’s Bookshelf publishes three books per year in six categories, offering an opportunity for authors to get their works published and promoted. 

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