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Fangoria Presents: Our Lady of the Inferno

Fangoria is back in business! Not only is this legendary magazine being revamped, but it will also be putting out a series of horror novels under their killer new Fangoria Presents banner. One of the first books is from one of our favorite talented and dedicated authors, Preston Fassel. Join us for a special launch party and discussion for OUR LADY OF THE INFERNO. 

About the Book

Spring, 1983. Sally Ride is about to go into space. Flashdance is a cultural phenomenon. And in Times Square, two very deadly women are on a collision course with destiny-- and each other. 

At twenty-one, Ginny Kurva is already legendary on 42nd Street. To the pimp for whom she works, she's the perfect weapon-- a martial artist capable of taking down men twice her size. To the girls in her stable, she's mother, teacher, and protector. To the little sister she cares for, she's a hero. Yet Ginny's bravado and icy confidence hide a mind at the breaking point, her sanity slowly slipping away as both her addictions and the sins of her past catch up with her... 

At thirty-seven, Nicolette Aster is the most respected woman at the Staten Island Landfill. Quiet and competent, she's admired by the secretaries and trusted by her supervisors. Yet those around her have no idea how Nicolette spends her nights-- when the hateful madness she keeps repressed by day finally emerges, and she turns the dump into a hunting ground to engage in a nightmarish blood sport...

In the Spring of 1983, neither Ginny nor Nicolette knows the other exists. By the time Summer rolls around, one of them will be dead.

About the Author

Preston Fassel is a three-time Rondo Award nominated journalist and author whose work has appeared in Rue Morgue Magazine, Screem Magazine, and on He is the author of Remembering Vanessa, the first published biography of British horror star Vanessa Howard, printed in the Spring 2014 issue of Screem Magazine. From 2015 to 2017, he served as the assistant editor of; in 2017, he joined Cinestate as story editor and staff writer for Fangoria magazine. This is his first novel.