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Other People's Poetry: Sylvia Plath

Basic premise: Poets giving live readings of important books of poetry written by no-
longer living poets. One poet, one book per event. All books "classics." The model here is a repertory one (as in theater, cinema and music... even bands to this now, right? Play albums live in their entirety, in actual album sequence...).

November's selection: Sylvia Plath, Collected Poems (not the so-called restored edition from 2005, but the one most readers know. Harper Perennial.)

Mission: To develop an audience for poetry. To provide opportunities for audiences to interact with poetry that otherwise has fallen out of the oral tradition (because its authors are no longer alive to present the work themselves). To broaden notions of canon. To recognize important work by poetic predecessors. To increase diversity of literary programming in DFW, in part, by creating more opportunities for DFW's discrete poetic communities and "scenes" to intersect and collaborate. And maybe to sell a few books.