Deep Vellum Book Subscriptions

For our customers who love the books we curate from independent publishers worldwide, we've created monthly subscriptions to include great literature in your mailbox each month. Each subscription includes free shipping, one to two books each month, as well as exclusive content from authors, publishers, translators, artists - and the occasional surprise - mailed straight to your doorstep. 

Great Women Writers

Forget  chick-lit and the stereotypes. These writers and authors are among the world's best, from the up and coming debuts to the established, dominant voices of a generation. Subscriptions include one to two books per month and FREE SHIPPING from Dallas by the 5th of each month.


Curated by Will Evans, we'll focus each shipment on two or three great works of Russian literature each month. We'll also include a brief historical background and how the two works - from all periods - talk to each other across the spectrum of time. A GREAT way to bridge the differences and understand 'The Other'.

Middle School Book Club

Read along with our advanced Uplift Luna scholars each month as we cover the classics of literature and discuss pertinent issues relevant in today's world with today's kids. Subscriptions include three books each month or so along with a reading curriculum designed by Deep Vellum.

Personalize Your Subscription

It's the best of Deep Vellum Books, delivered straight to your mailbox. Perfect for people who love to read but have trouble picking great selections for themselves (or for others). We'll handle the heavy-lifting and send personalized selections to you or your recipient every month. Simply answer a few initial questions, and we'll choose your reading list. Refine your selections as with feedback to ensure you're always finding your next favorite book.

Global LiteraturE & TRANSLATION 

For those who appreciate a global voice, we give you the ability to receive a great work in translation each month. You'll receive one to two books every month that exemplify the rich landscape of translated literature, including new releases & perennial favorites.                  

Deep vellum READING LIST

It's three feet deep and occasionally serves as a nightstand, but these are the selections on the top of our reading list each month. You'll receive personalized selections of one or two books each month along with the opportunity to have your review of the book featured in-store and online.


Questions about Deep Vellum book subscriptions? See our FAQs, or email your inquiry to our team.