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Frequently Asked Questions

How many customers have you served?

Deep Vellum Books serves the community at large, including literary, arts, music, and cultural organizations across Dallas, and regularly serve thousands of people who walk through our doors each month. We also work with local educational institutions to spread a passion for books & reading, touching the lives of students and educators alike.

How long have you been in business?

Deep Vellum Books was incorporated in December 2015, opened its doors to the public in March 2016, and will host its official grand opening party in September 2016. We'll plan to celebrate one year of business in March 2017.

Cool things to know about Deep Vellum Books:

Currently, Deep Vellum Books carries more than two thousand books in inventory across ninety-four independent publishers. Our goal is to reach 3,000 books across 120 unique independent publishers from around the globe. We carry a wide variety of books across a plethora of topics, and focus on a tightly curated global selection of inventory. We categorize our books by publisher, not by genre, to reflect the voice a publisher has in the process of bringing an author - and book - to life. The impact of this categorization: hidden treasures on our shelves come to the forefront; avoidance of the messiness of genre-bending; appreciation for the publisher's curation process and the bond between book, author, and publisher.

Where is your business located?

Deep Vellum Books is located in the heart of Deep Ellum, a historic (and occasionally mythologized) neighborhood in Downtown Dallas. Our store hosts a Texas Historic Site plaque dedicated to Huddie William Ledbetter, known as 'Lead Belly', a legendary folk & blues musician whose work has been covered by the likes of Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, and many others, and is known as a deep influence on the works of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.  Our store also hosts the original Club Clearview sign, soon to be restored to its former glory.

Need More?

We're always happy to answer additional questions, grant interviews or comment on specific issues, as well as provide you with logos, creative, and style guidelines, and give you any information you need to make a story shine. Simply email us at and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.