We're Ready to Announce: Are You With Us?

Oh - hey! Thanks for visiting us from the Dallas Observer newsletter! We're happy to host you over here at Deep Vellum, and we appreciate your support this political cycle.

Wait - you didn't know? How often do you read your email? Have you missed out on ALL THE NEWS about YOUR independent, community-inspired bookstore? 

We have some big news to share, and before we get to that, you should sign up for the Deep Vellum Insider's List to stay in the know about these important issues. Sometimes we bury the lede with event information, book recommendations, and the occasional long-winded op-ed from the Deep Vellum team, but it's important that you're considered part of the Community and stay in touch with everything going on.

The Deep Vellum Community is a special place, you know. It's where writers, authors, readers, editors, translators, publishers, musicians, artists, performers, creators, thinkers, and doers generally hang out and talk. It's the central spot to come in with creative ideas or inspiration - and get connected to other people interested in making it happen. Maybe it starts with your next favorite book. Maybe it's two people hitting it off over coffee and a discussion about favorite vinyl records. Maybe it's a new, up & coming band, a comedy improv show, or a salon-style chat about the role of translation in a globalized era

The Community isn't just at the storefront - which is located at 3000 Commerce Street in Dallas' best neighborhood. (Surely you know which neighborhood is best. You read the Observer, right?) The community is virtual too, which means you're up to date on everything happening, whether it's via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. (Or Snapchat. Please don't invite our mothers - we're not ready to move to WhatsApp yet.) 

Best of all, the Deep Vellum Community can receive great books each month in their mailbox. Which means when you visit the store - whether it's once a year as you're coming home for the holidays or once a week to see what's happening in the store - you'll always have the perfect ice breaker when you get here.

(You'll also be better read than your friends, which in our translation experience means that you'll be better looking, more successful, and considerably happier. Win win win no matter what.)

Which brings us back to the political cycle. No matter who you support, choose an independent bookstore. We know there's a tough choice in front of us as we gear up for the 2017 Best Of Dallas Awards. But let's make this official: we're throwing our hat into the ring and formally announcing our candidacy for the 2017 cycle of Dallas' Best Bookstore.

Thank you for all your support, and let's show the rest of the world that books, arts, and culture exist - and thrive - here in North Texas.