We're taking a short break for November 2016 as the last Thursday of the month is Thanksgiving. Check back with us in December for the January book selection!




October's selection is 'A Greater Music' from Korean author Bae Suah, translated by Deborah Smith, published by Open Letter Press.

Copies of 'A Greater Music' will be available at Deep Vellum Books on it's release date - October 11th.

Additionally, the author will be at Deep Vellum Books for a book signing on Friday, October 14th from 4-6pm. Snag a signed copy before we meet to discuss the book on Thursday, October 27th at 7pm.

About the Book

After a three-year absence, an unnamed writer returns to Berlin in this dulcet, contemplative novel from the author of Nowhere to Be Found. The visit becomes a “continuation of a dream” for the narrator, one that began when she was first being tutored in German by M, a sickly woman with “eyes like a winter lake with an iceberg at its heart” whose twin loves of literature and classical music matched the narrator’s own. Their relationship swiftly turned to romance, and instilled in the narrator “the desire to write, the blazing desire to set down sentences that were true, sincere, and not the stuff of children.” After a fit of jealousy sent the narrator spiraling into a “swamp of shame,” she abandoned M for Seoul. At home, the screening of a banal film makes her realize she’s made a terrible mistake. A far cry from that “unbearable celebration of the conventional,” this novel stutters through its recollection of events, digressing regularly to ruminate on figures like the composer Bernd Alois Zimmerman or the German writer Jacob Hein. The structure bedevils as much as it illuminates, but ultimately, this book serves as an articulate and moving reflection of how life can stop “for a time in a certain fluid place between past and future.”


September's selection is 'Drown/Sever/Sing' from Columbian author Lina Maria Ferriera Cabeza-Vanegas.

We will read from the original edition letterpress cover book (ISBN 978-1-939781-27-7) from Anomalous Press.

About the book

If Rudyard Kipling were alive, and Columbian, these are the stories he would wish he could tell.

From Drown/Sever/Sing: 

“The devil doesn’t always dream, and when he does, if he does, he rarely remembers. It’s all colors and fragments. White plastic spiders on blue strings, silver doorknobs and black rats covered in sugar and broken glass. But sometimes, when he stares into the same spot for a very long time, he sees something sort of like a dream that feels more like someone else’s memory. A sinking boat, a sleepy bird in someone’s hands, an ocelot sneaking into a hen house for the very first time. Then something cracks in the fire, or a stalactite breaks, or the devil finally blinks, or is woken by the whistling an accordionist walking up the side of the Treinta mountains."

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